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Dealing with a corrupted gnome keyring

This was bound to happen at some point. Local hard disk was full and google chrome was trying to save a password. End result was a corrupted gnomekeyring which meant i was effectively without any vpn or browser password, or even access to my ssh key.

keyring source repository some code buried within its internal tests called dump-keyring0-format.c which showed partial success in printing most of my passwords. So i had some hope that my keyring was not completely lost. One method available would be to print out all the passwords and store them in a new file. However when i noticed there were python bindings out there i eventually came up with a much nicer solution:

import gnomekeyring

for keyring in gnomekeyring.list_keyring_names_sync():
    for i in gnomekeyring.list_item_ids_sync(keyring):
            # This will file if the keyring file is corrupted
            # at that point in the file
            item = gnomekeyring.item_get_info_sync(keyring, i)
            #print item.get_display_name(), item.get_secret()
        except Exception:
            # Left commented out for obvious reasons
            #gnomekeyring.item_delete_sync(keyring, i)
            print "%s: item %s deleted." % (keyring, i)