Some of my hobby and/or work related projects i have worked on in the past.

Monitor Iceland

The Monitor Iceland Project is a real-time monitor of various metrics that are important to Icelandic society. Metrics chosen are highly opinionated and based on availability at any given time.

The project monitors everything from volcano eruptions to radiation levels to status of public transport or availability of important on-line services.


Pynag is a python library intended to easy the lives of developers working with the Nagios Monitoring system. It has modules for parsing nagios configuration files. For adding and removing hosts. Figuring out object relations.

Pynag also has modules to help making Nagios plugins, including formatting of performance data and threshold range calculations. As of late it also has Status related information for example via mk_livestatus broker module.


Adagios is a web configuration interface for nagios and a replacement for the legacy web interface. It has been my pet project for quite some time now and been my learning curve for html5 and javascript development.

TSM Status Monitor

TSM Status Monitor is a long-term trending tool for Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM. It silently grabs performance metrics from TSM activity log and is an essential tool for any TSM Administrator.


OKconfig is a templating machine for nagios service checks. It has a large collection of predefined monitoring profiles for common operating systems, storage systems, network equipment and so for. It is tightly integrated with the OK nagios-plugin collection.

Nagios Plugins

Not a project per-se but rather a number of mini projects. Plugins i have made include plugins for EVA Storage systems, IBM Bladecenters, HP Raid Systems, Cisco Call Manager, IP Multicasting, Microsoft Exchange, Ironport, SMS delivery modems, Red Hat Clusters and vmware.